susan frosch 
art & design
About the Artist

Susan lives & works in downtown Allentown. After many years in a corporate environment, Susan chose to leave that lifestyle and to return to more creative pursuits. After a wonderful 4 years in Durham, NC, she couldn't be happier to have landed in a city with such a progressive atmosphere and cool art scene.


Susan is an imaginative jewelry designer, stained glass artist, photographer and accidental potter. Driven by a passion for self-expression through art, her works are often noted for their unusual approach. Susan's use of vibrant colors and expressive form give her art a strong emotive quality.


Also trained in graphic arts, Susan is adept at creating commercial works and easily communicates the vision of her clients.  Her illustrations have appeared in a vast array of marketing materials worldwide.

Her floral, event & prop designs have delighted both individuals and corporations, in major cities across the country.

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